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I AM VERY PLEASED TO REPORT that After nearly a decade as an Election Integrity activist and considered a leading authority on the subject (statewide & nationally), I am honored and proud to announce I've been NOMINATED by the Chairwoman of the Maryland Republican Party to serve on the State Board of Elections...... This is greatly appreciated.

NOW it's up to the Governor to accept my nomination and forward it to the Maryland State Senate for confirmation.

NOW THIS UPDATE (see attached letter)

Just received confirmation that Governor Moore REJECTED my nomination to fill the vacancy on the STATE BOARD of Elections.....

GET this:

because I have "publicly supported challenging the legitimacy of Maryland's free and fair elections"......

DOESNT that make you say: huh?

I guess they want rubber stamps to never question any evidence of fraud....

PERSONALLY, I'd like to say that I appreciate his acknowledgement and for recognizing the legitimacy of my work.... {chuckle} 😎

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