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The commonality between the published research of Md20-20Watch and the Kari Lake, Arizona case


Consider the following as it's been recently expressed.....

The reason the case Kari Lake has before the Arizona Supreme Court is so important is.....Liberties were taken, laws were broken, and now Arizona has a verified mess‼️

(It really is "just that simple").

Key here is the issue of Runbeck. The Arizona Supreme Court has found it must be considered.

AND in Maryland.....

Uncover DC explains:

"What went largely unnoticed, however, was the Arizona Supreme Court went on to overrule the trial judge on his determinations that Lake needed to prove the outcome of the election would have been different based on a “competent mathematical basis … not simply an untethered assertion of uncertainty.”

That has never been the legal standard in election law regarding challenges of results....something I personally have first hand knowledge of with 4 lawsuits as the PLAINTIFF.

Candidates are not required to conclusively, mathematically prove the election outcome would have been different—an almost impossible legal standard to achieve. Traditionally, candidates only "need to prove the election outcome is sufficiently in doubt." But when, the Judiciary is politically compromised due to its close relationship with State Election Administrators, like Maryland's Linda Lamone, who also serves as Chairwoman of the State Attorney Grievance Commission.....getting a fair hearing is impossible.

I KNOW YOU'VE HEARD ME STATE (REPEATEDLY): "Fraud vitiates everything it touches", citing UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON

98 U.S. 61, 25 L.Ed. 93 (October 01, 1878).

In clear language, if the many State Boards of Election followed the law we wouldn't be here. Yet here we are because they didn't follow the law. 🤔

Remember, the problem IS agenda driven corrupt internal election personnel....nothing can be done WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE.

A phrase I coined as the primary Research Investigator with Maryland 20-20 Watch is:

"It's just that simple".© #NewtonSaidIt


✳️Go on now....and learn something‼️

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