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Please note that, pursuant to action taken by the State Board of Elections at its August 19, 2020 meeting under the authority granted it by the Governor’s June 19, 2020 Order Extending Certain Licenses, Permits, Registrations, and Other Governmental Authorizations, and Authorizing Suspension of Legal Time Requirements, the following dates and times prescribed by the Maryland Code relating to the canvass of mail-in ballots, the opening of mail-in ballots and the reporting of unofficial results by local boards of election have been suspended and modified



§ 1-201. Statement of purpose.The intention of this article is that the conduct of elections should inspire public confidence and trust by assuring that:

(1) all persons served by the election system are treated fairly and equitably;

(2) all qualified persons may register and vote and that those who are not qualified do not vote;

(3) those who administer elections are well-trained, that they serve both those who vote and those who seek votes, and that they put the public interest ahead of partisan interests;

(4) full information on elections is provided to the public, including disclosure of campaign receipts and expenditures;

(5) citizen convenience is emphasized in all aspects of the election process;

(6) security and integrity are maintained in the casting of ballots, canvass of votes, and reporting of election results;

(7) the prevention of fraud and corruption is diligently pursued; and

(8) any offenses that occur are prosecuted.

September 21,22 and 23, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee met to hear 14 Democrat-only "Police Reform" bills over the objections of Committee Republicans.  The intent of this anti-police move was to speed the bills through the process when the legislature legitimately reconvenes in January.


JPR Committee Member Senator Bob Cassilly, posted an overview of some of the impacts if these bills pass:

- Create a legal presumption that any police use of physical force is unreasonable.

- Repeal the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights. (From Senator Ready: Imagine the Democratic Party going after any other employee union's collective bargaining agreement through legislation! Would never happen.)

- Prohibit courts from allowing police to enter a building without knocking on the door, even when a court finds that doing so jeopardizes the lives of people in the building or the officers.

- Protect violent, armed attackers by prohibiting police departments from obtaining free, military surplus, bullet proof vehicles that police now use in hostage rescues missions. 

- Super size a statewide prosecutor to aggressively pursue alleged crimes by police officers while hardened criminals roam the streets of Baltimore with impunity.

- Place unlimited liability on local jurisdictions for police negligence, making it financially impossible for local jurisdictions operate police departments.

- Seek to publicly shame police officers with published lists of mere allegations of police misconduct.

- Transfer to a non-police board the power of the Sheriffs and Chiefs to determine administrative sanctions for police misconduct.

These hearings are a major departure from the Senate’s usual practice of dedicating summer hearings to bi-partisan studies and discussion of major issues.  I stand proudly with our police departments. Our Republican JPR members - and entire Republican caucus - are united in supporting our law enforcement. I've worked directly with our local law enforcement officials and all recognize that there are some areas where improvement can be made but it comes with better training - which we are already improving in the state - and with communities working WITH the police, not treating them as adversaries.

Legislators Object to Lawless Act

​​#2 MD BoE Lacks Accountability


Records ensuring accuracy and currency

of statewide voter registration are only

kept 2 years.


Voter authority cards are kept 3 years.


This is NOT enough time  to examine

election records and prove the existence of problems within the election process.

M20-20W Public Information Act

Requests Demonstrate this problem

Details Coming Soon!

#1 Resist Mass
Vote-by-Mail Scheme
Mail-in ballots are a highly  fraud-prone method of voting.

All who are concerned with election integrity should resist the push for expanding mail-in voting.

Mail-in ballot fraud is happening.

Numerous cases of mail-in absentee ballot fraud have been documented.

Election-wide mail-in voting will

produce even more fraud.

Compiled news reports of vote fraud

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