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Election Integrity


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§ 1-201. Statement of purpose.The intention of this article is that the conduct of elections should inspire public confidence and trust by assuring that:

(1) all persons served by the election system are treated fairly and equitably;

(2) all qualified persons may register and vote and that those who are not qualified do not vote;

(3) those who administer elections are well-trained, that they serve both those who vote and those who seek votes, and that they put the public interest ahead of partisan interests;

(4) full information on elections is provided to the public, including disclosure of campaign receipts and expenditures;

(5) citizen convenience is emphasized in all aspects of the election process;

(6) security and integrity are maintained in the casting of ballots, canvass of votes, and reporting of election results;

(7) the prevention of fraud and corruption is diligently pursued; and

(8) any offenses that occur are prosecuted.

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Legislation to Improve

MD Election Integrity

Thank you Del. Cox !

HB 1145 Election Law Absentee Ballots Requests and Signature Verification

This bill mandates that absentee ballot requests must have accompanying ID documentation and that upon return the ballot signatures must match the  ballot request.

Read M20-20W testimony

in support of


HB 1165 Election Law- Manual Postelection Tabulation Audit – Timing and Effect

This bill mandates that the post election audits which are routinely performed are done so PRIOR to an election being certified, and if the audit shows a different result than the election outcome the election is certified on the audit result.

Strong election laws are fundamental

to election integrity...

but when no one is held to obeying those laws

they are meaningless.

The Executive Branch (Gov. Hogan) enforces law and

the Judicial Branch (the courts) decide whether laws were broken and punishment if they were.

The Executive and Judicial Branches





Mass Vote Fraud
Plagues Multiple States
Including Maryland
Mail-in ballots are a highly  fraud-prone method of voting as seen in several states in November.

Multiple methods of vote fraud were documented across several states.  Similar vote irregularities have been found in Maryland.

Compiled news reports of vote fraud

TIME Magazine just PROVED us right.

They say "saved", we say "STOLE".

Board of Elections'
Lack of Accountability
Endangers Election Integrity


Public Information Act Requests

Routinely go unanswered.

Meaningful public oversight of election processes are routinely denied during elections and during canvassing.

Details Coming Soon!