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Excerpts of Maryland Election Law and Code


Election Laws are in place but

  • the state makes NO effort to enforce its laws, except candidate campaign finance laws;

  • there is NO correction of behavior; and

  • there is NO punishment of election system abuses

Election Laws and Codes remain ignored by law enforcement,

the courts, the State Board of Elections and

the government as a whole.

Why doesn't the RNC fight voter fraud?


Read the incredible Consent Decree

which gives the RNC the excuse

not to fight:

Precinct Evaluations Performed by BoE

on Primary Election Day


Many of these evaluations give a clear picture that some precincts

had real problems during the election. Yellow buttons link to precinct

evaluations which were of most concern.


M20-20W's Concern

Those problems do not appear to have been adequately addressed and may impact future elections


Started 2017

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