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{logged by William Newton May 17, 2024}

BREAKING: The Arkansas Supreme Court has overturned a lower court ruling that prevented FOUR big election integrity laws from going into effect.

"As many courts have noted, absentee voting is not a fundamental right. Even the United States Supreme Court has concluded restrictions on absentee voting do not deny voters “the exercise of the franchise.”

👉🏾Act 736 establishes a new signature match requirement for mail-in ballots;

👉🏾Act 973 shortens the absentee ballot return period;

👉🏾Act 249 requires voters who lack proper ID when casting their ballots to bring a form of identification to the county clerk’s office within six days and

👉🏾Act 728 bans anyone except voters from coming within 100 feet of a polling place, including volunteers who are distributing food and water to voters in long lines.

If 👉🏾REPUBLICANS 👈🏾 REALLY want to stop ELECTION FRAUD (instead of raising money from donors), they just need to demand the implementation of the election integrity measures promoted by Maryland 20-20 Watch, the state's only nationally recognized legitimate election integrity organization with over a decade of published research & investigations.....

INSTEAD of chasing irrelevant unreliable Voter Rolls....and participating in the exact SAME fraud they accuse DEMOCRATS of doing.

✳️ Remember in Maryland, Republicans controlled the majority on every local Board of Elections AND the State FOR THE PREVIOUS 8 YEARS and applied for received and illegally spent ZUCKBUCKS‼️

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