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DATABASE LATENCY published 12/02/2022

.....and as expected the crowd goes:

WTH is Newton talking about now?

......and it's ALL managed by CORRUPT INTERNAL ELECTION PERSONNEL like I've said and shown for years...... {sigh}.

......let me explain (if it's possible to dumb it down enough).

Corrupt Internal Election Personnel "collect" the data of voters who generally vote Republican. That's "real-time" as it's in the system lag time.

Then a determined % of mail-in ballots that are represented by that data group is segregated equaling the estimated number of votes needed for the 'preferred' candidate to win. When those Mail-ins are sent out (remember everybody gets them), only those identified have their zip codes erroneously entered. They're mailed and subsequently returned as undeliverable. During that period votes are "cast" in their names......Then their undeliverable Mail-in ballots have their zip codes corrected and are remailed to that voter.

The zip code change is never caught being a change of address entry in the database that only shows up months later (well after the election is over) when nobody is even looking for it. THAT'S called "Database Latency".

It's ALL in the lag time, as I have repeatedly published over a number of years the details (including law citing and Election Board internal instructions) about ballot counting as it relates to Maryland. The Board only "counts" the first vote logged (as I've termed: the first ballot that "crosses the threshold") and then automatically rejects the second vote that crosses the threshold......the voter NEVER KNOWS.

The Left uses real-time and the Right uses the latent database and that's why they never find anything.


I AM FREQUENTLY ASKED: Newton "What can we do"?

My responses other than to direct people to this website to help educate them on the law, the detailed research and unimpeachable evidence, have sounded similar to the following narrative:

"That's the million dollar question/answer.

Nobody wants to hear the answer.... thankfully (or not) a few determined yet intrepid individuals stepped forward prior to 1776 and began something, albeit to advance an ideal, that while it was a 'revolutionary' way of perceiving mankind and human rights, it caused a magnificent ripple in the universe.

Turn turn turn....... there's nothing new under the sun.

(Sad that my response required my own style of temperament but the truth is: the farther away we get from the beginning the closer we get to the end)."

I have repeatedly provided Election Law citing, internal Board instructions, actual results and on too many numerous occasions have had to restate here along our own in-house audits/reports that corroborate our findings......We do NOT rely on fake news reports or outlandish stories that are passed around on social media by people who only seek the limelight, temporary as it is. (But they sure love to STEAL OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and put their name on our scholarly publications).

We are not associated with any of those internet social media tinfoil hat wearing groups that espouse ridiculous unproven claims or who attach themselves to politicians pretending to be 'fighting FOR Election Integrity'.

(I suggest you ACTUALLY read ALL the information and evidence chronicled on this website for a decade and to date nobody has disproved ANYTHING that has been well researched and published here).

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