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BACK IN 2016, I was THE LONE REPUBLICAN that stepped forward to defend restoring voting rights in Maryland that "made whole" citizens who had paid their debt to society....and to file State & Federal lawsuits to DECERTIFY the election results. The results were subsequently DECERTIFIED.

(That's a whole "nother" story).

♦️ Just don't ever say IT'S NOT POSSIBLE ‼️

So the next time, when some politician claims they "fought for your rights", defend the Constitution and want your vote, ask them what have they ever successfully done to prove it‼️

👉🏽You might ask that same question to all those FAKE election integrity groups out there who keep asking for YOUR MONEY, then accomplish nothing!


(Mississippi - August 4, 2023)

Until now, the state’s policy prevented people from casting a ballot because of a prior felony conviction.

In its ruling, the court found that the state’s policy serves no penological purpose.

“By severing former offenders from the body politic forever, [the state’s policy] ensures that they will never be fully rehabilitated, continues to punish them beyond the term their culpability requires, and serves no protective function to society,” the opinion said. “It is thus a cruel and unusual punishment.”

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