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TUESDAY MAY 28, 2024 {logged 6:15 am}

Edition # 145 by WILLIAM NEWTON

“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


Most people know I am a seasoned research investigator. My expertise includes identifying patterns that lead to discoveries overlooked, misunderstood and not easily identified by most people. Then I publish my findings that is always freely accessed in hopes the public becomes better educated.

I hate to report that once again I'm observing an growing uptick in media commentary inserting the Chinese "Dark Money" narrative, election interference claims ahead of our November elections. It'll continue to ramp up.....

✳️ There's one group in particular self-identifying as "expert data guys", seeking to replace the ERIC System that has started pushing the "RED SCARE" mantra.

We at Maryland 20-20 Watch, first exposed details that the ERIC SYSTEM was secretly being run by compromised government actors bent on being the "gatekeeper" that ensures inaccurate voter rolls. Courts then dismiss as unreliable evidence, thereby undermining any claims using the data as proof of either Election or Voter fraud.

Sometime later, these new "data guys" jumped on board and spent heavily on media to discredit the ERIC people. The MOTIVE was to become the authority on Voter Rolls, only so they could control that field of debate and insert their own "Truth". The group is privately being funded by a nationally known circus barker. (They've publicly proclaimed they're only "doing it for the money")‼️

They're just as bad as the "other guys". Just as biased but serving the opposite side.

✳️ Truth's not the Chinese interfering, any more than it ever was. The United States engages in the same exercises when interfering in other country's elections....all countries do don't act shocked.

I've published the unimpeached evidence in my first-in-the-nation exposé, "SUMPTER-HAW", showing the who/what/when and how Dark Money affected our past elections, mostly focusing on Maryland.

♦️Maryland has the distinction of being the first State to fund and join the Eric system. Our longtime State Board of Elections Administor Linda Lamone directed and approved contracts/software/voting machine selection for the entire country.....this shouldn't be news breaking because I have exclusively published the results from my investigations about it years ago and continuously updated it and in fact personally sued her several times.....years before Fitton or O'Keefe ever heard of her‼️


The "Chinese" claim is a distraction and predictable. It's a ruse that worked since Obama was President and Jeh Johnson was "hacking" State elections (yes I nationally published that evidence too

Here's my social media sample).

♦️So why not do it again❓Run the "Chinese" misdirection operation again; since Republicans have done NOTHING to combat fraud..... NOTHING to secure the election franchise..... NOTHING except joining WITH Leftists by competing in exercises like ballot harvesting activities that Republicans are wholly incapable of even imitating.

The RNC is selling the crap that they can "out-ballot-harvest" the Left in deep Blue urban areas. The Left has spent millions over decades putting the infrastructure in place while the RNC was under a 1982 court Consent Decree NOT to interfere. (Yes I published details of that fact many times starting 11 years ago).... The RNC's ballot harvesting plan is nothing but a fundraising scheme. That's so laughable‼️😂

👉🏾They also have unqualified local State Party hacks running inadequate, unsuccessful voter registration efforts - at the minimum a decade late to the Party and has NO program in place that reliably confirms they've achieved the objective or a working plan that follows up on the efforts.

👉🏾They have aimless amateur in-house "voter integrity" groups with their disorganized volunteers, lacking any real findings constituting actionable evidence that's based on fantasy mathematics, no chain of custody for data they've "collected" while wasting treasuries demanding authorities clean up the voter rolls - WHICH they will NEVER clean up before the 2024 election....or even after. Not that it would even matter, as election results are CONTROLLED by CORRUPT INTERNAL ELECTION PERSONNEL‼️

👉🏾This continued misguided interest in "Voter Rolls" serves no purpose except that it keeps Party volunteers occupied while another election goes by as they "fiddle".


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