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Updated: Aug 3, 2023


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from September 12, 2022

LAST YEAR I advanced the idea (while meeting with a group of election activist friends) that the State Board of Elections had illegally/improperly created a database of "inactive" voters.

My premise was that no REGISTERED voter is required to vote and to put their information in a separate database violated not only their privacy by singling them out but also creating such a specific database was an invitation to fraud by "bad actors"; inside and outside of the State Board of Elections, particularly their CORRUPT INTERNAL ELECTION PERSONNEL with access to that database who could cast a ballot in the name of anyone or all in that neatly segregated database.

There have been a noticeable number of complaints from voters who showed up to vote on election day only to be told they had "already voted". When this happens, that voter claiming they DID NOT VOTE and demands to be permitted to cast a ballot, is directed to vote by the "Provisional ballot" method. (Provisional ballots are utilized whenever there is a controversy such as the example I just described).

I have made the case on numerous occasions that this procedure guarantees the "in person" Provisional ballot will always be "discounted".....and the controversially cast MAIL-IN ballot is the one that IS counted.

It has been publicly admitted that it's part of the "legal" procedure established by the State Board "to count only the first ballot" that crosses the threshold. (See failed Bill by Maryland Delegate Nic Kipke).

It was part of my own investigation to prove my belief that the "inactive voter database" in Maryland was being used by CORRUPT INTERNAL ELECTION PERSONNEL to cast votes illegally AND if I could secure a copy of the "inactive voter" list it would

♦️#1 prove it's existence and would be ♦️#2 evidence of the State's violation of voter's privacy rights.

👉🏼 LO AND BEHOLD, the State Board actually provided that "list" simply by application and for a fee. (It's even designated on the official application). And so, last year, I applied and received a CD of that list by mail‼️🎯

While it remains part of my ongoing research project investigating my suspicions,

👉🏽THERE IS NOW THIS NEW EVIDENCE that's just come to light out of Florida that supports my long held claim that the "INACTIVE voter database" (NOT the "ACTIVE voter list") is being used to cast fraudulent ballots just as I suspected. #NewtonSaidIt

IT appears that I AM RIGHT AGAIN. 🤔


"A grassroots group presented evidence to Florida election officials and law enforcement last week showing that almost 1,100 mail-in ballots in one county were cast from undeliverable addresses in the Aug. 23 primary election.

Florida First Freedom Alliance gave state election officials a spreadsheet containing the results of a computer crosscheck conducted. That audit represents “only a small sliver” of those who requested mail-in ballots in Florida’s Orange County, according to Christopher Gleason, the group’s spokesman.

The data allegedly reveals that almost 1,100 vote-by-mail ballots were sent to and cast from undeliverable addresses.

“The resulting problem is that there are thousands of completely undeliverable vote-by-mail ballots that were later turned in to election officials as legitimately cast vote-by-mail ballots,” Gleason said.

The group found over 30,000 Florida residential addresses that were designated by the United States Postal Service as undeliverable."

I HAVE COMMUNICATED with Mr. Gleason to confirm my own discoveries and he gave it the thumbs-up! 👍🏼



✅ Founder/Chairman - Maryland Republican Election Integrity Committee. (MDREIC).

✅ Contributor - Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (Trump administration).

✅ Research Investigator - Maryland 20-20 Watch

✅ Author - "Sumpter Haw", the first published research on CTCL/"ZUCKBUCKS".

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