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Few have actually read the MDREIC REPORT and it shows; eventhough it was personally hand delivered, a bound "hard-copy" was presented to everyone from the President of the United States and other department heads in the Federal system (Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Congress, Federal and State Courts/Judges), the Governor, members of the State Legislature, State and Federal Attorneys General, Local County and State Boards of Election, State Legislative Subcommittee Chairs and City Council special hearings members, along with the massive amount of media, internet and public educational presentations .....


And nobody knew what to do with such a "hot potato". Long before those social media groups came along and began to raise donations off of other people's research......THIS WAS THE STANDARD.

Eventhough, when created, this unique "Ad-Hoc" committee carried the authority of the Maryland State Republican Party, William Newton (the founder) & Charlene Cowen (the Chairwoman) made sure it was bipartisan and fact based by inviting public testimony and participation, plus drawing on official reports and interviews while reviewing related election law statutes to arrive at the findings and concise recommendations.

Newton through the State Republican convention process was able to create the Maryland Republican Election Integrity Committee (MDREIC) and investigated the problems..... issuing the Report, Findings & Recommendations, then widely publishing and distributing it.

Many of the discoveries pointed directly to failures of government representatives, bureaucrats and internal election personnel in BOTH state majority parties. The report included an audit by the Maryland Legislative Services of the previous decade corroborating the systemic problems that continued right up to the MDREIC REPORT.

Once the report was finalized and ready to be released, the State Republican Party Chairman, Dirk Haire, tried to prevent it's publication because of some discoveries that even implicated Republicans along with Democrats and the compromised Judiciary and internal election personnel. Newton would NOT give in to Haire's demand for censorship or his insistence that he had a right to edit the completed report. Since the Party provided no funding for any of the activities of the Ad-Hoc Committee, Newton copyrighted the report and self published it without edit or censorship; sharing it publicly under the "fair use doctrine"; requiring only attribution or scource identification when using the research it contained.

Just prior to the 2016 election cycle primarily covered by MDREIC, the State Board of Elections Administrator Linda Lamone was summoned to a hearing where she assured the Governor there was nothing to worry about......

despite grassroots organizations, individual candidates like William Newton, Maryland 20-20 Watch founder Lewis Porter, the general public and media outlets having raised the alarm and their concerns that the entire system would crash. IT DID and nobody in authority did anything about it. Nobody responsible was EVER held accountable. And the coward, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was PETITIONED 5 TIMES to uphold his oath of office and exercise his authority to REMOVE the incompetent State Board Administrator Linda Lamone BUT HE IGNORED THE REDRESS OF THE PEOPLE'S GRIEVANCES and refused to uphold the law..... chosing instead to harass private citizens that demanded he take action.

As history now shows, after the Maryland 2016 Election debacle, it's decertification and subsequent failures in the primaries and general election cycles that followed (all of which had controversies and administrative failures), there came the 2020 Presidential Election fiasco AND SUDDENLY EVERYONE STARTED TO PAY ATTENTION ‼️ But it was too late..... because NOBODY heeded the warnings.

Today, it's easy to accept that the MDREIC REPORT was the "canary in the coalmine".....the first warning of what our American elections had devolved into.

With the merger of efforts between Lewis Porter and William Newton, together each with over a decade of experience, research and investigation expertise, Maryland 20-20 Watch continues to be the forerunner, the template, the standard that has lead the way for other groups nationwide seeking integrity in our country's Election process by providing battle-tested research instruction through a how-to education platform presented freely in the public interest.

We are often copied by limelighters and wannabe celebrities, our dated published research "stolen" - claimed by others without any attribution but we continue to soldier on while the others drop off into obscurity.

Our goal is not to service any political Party agenda or candidate's campaign, or to raise money or to fall for the many conspiracies that are nothing more than countermeasures designed to subvert the truth and misdirect your attention.....THE TRUE MISSION IS


There is not a more noble cause than to preserve one of our most sacred choose principled representatives for our servant government.

DON'T FORGET to read "Sumpter-Haw" - the unprecedented detailed exposé that proved the illegal use of millions of dollars in Dark Money that flooded Maryland (and other States) and affected the outcome of the 2020 election results.

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