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To Summarize.....Ms. Phukan running for Maryland Comptroller discovered that her opponent Peter Franchot had some campaign finance reporting problems. She launched a challenge under Maryland Election law to have him removed from the ballot. Maryland law in summation bars a candidate from competing if there are "unresolved" deficiencies in their campaign finance reports. Ms. Phukan sought relief in Anne Arundel County Circuit court but the case was dismissed......She appealed to the State Court for an En Banc review. That too was summarily rejected.....those with intimate knowledge of the case believe it was because the Maryland Judiciary has been compromised by politics. The evidence presented by Ms. Phukan, a licensed CPA, is can be viewed in the "COURTS ARE NO RECOURSE" section of this webpage. OR SEE BELOW "PDF" FILE: "Concerns About Comptroller Peter Franchot".

(Details of that review are attached here).

Phukan response to dismiss request
Download PDF • 243KB

Download PDF • 351KB

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