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Because it is the proprietary workproduct of Maryland 20-20 Watch and since there have been some people who habitually slap their name on our intellectual property, calling it their and now, I will post some basic information about an ongoing activity that will soon become part of my future investigation published to our

HERE is part of a continuing investigation of the most recent election cycles which includes 2020 & 2022......more specifically 2022.

For months prior to the State scheduled destruction of Election material from the 2020 election cycle, we engaged in a number of PIA/FOIA ACT requests to obtain and preserve certain evidence.

One particular recent request on September 9, 2022 was to secure copies of "Dropbox" security camera videos from the most current General election. We requested specific locations that were selected based on our continued research and discoveries.

These particular PIA requests continued back and forth through SEPTEMBER 2022 until the end of NOVEMBER 29, 2022......and are still "live" and ongoing. But to put on record and to update our work, we have obtained some interesting findings. As we are the only ones with this information, I'd like to share some of it now.

SOME QUESTIONS contained in our PIA

✅ Request to establish the custody of video surveillance of certain drop boxes.

✅ Request for copies of video surveillance from certain voting drop boxes between October 1, 2022 - November 7, 2022 from 10 different locations.

✅ Were drop box videos running 24/7 during that period when voting was in effect?


❎ Some specified locations are "private entities" and State/County does NOT have access to those security videos.

❎ The Board must first review other videos to see if there are security reasons that prevent public access to the videos in "sensitive areas".

❎ Be advised that while you've requested videos for 24/7 surveillance over 5 days during voting at each location ONLY "snippets" are retained because these cameras are 'motion detected only'.

❎ After the collection, the videos are "transferred to the Maryland State Board of Elections". {quote end quote}.

*️⃣ NOW Let me breakdown my response after receipt of some "answers" provided from one particular jurisdiction......

👉🏼 "Private entities"? That's problematic. Do these entities receive PUBLIC MONEY in any form, including rental for use of facilities as a polling location? Then there can be NO protection of secrecy.

👉🏼 Concerning "sensitive areas" with security concerns".....Who is to say that the SBE doesn't select these locations to SHIELD the public from access to those videos? With ALL the government buildings, why must the Board rent locations from private entities that will not permit public scrutiny of the conduct at those locations where voting is taking place?

👉🏼 Videos we're transferred to the SBE? Let me remind you that ALL election material must be protected, not destroyed per Maryland Election Law 2-106 also refer Title 10, Subtitle 6 Part IV.

The law also does NOT permit that material to be truncated into "snippets" as that represents corrupted and incomplete evidence. Since the claim that video cameras are recording ONLY during a period when there is motion, how can it be proven that a camera wasn't just "turned off" at some point then turned back on?

So what gives the Board the belief that it has the authority to destroy material right after an election ignoring the requisite legal timeframe for retention?



William Newton

Research Investigator with MD20-20Watch

*️⃣ Message to everyone: Do your own work or credit ours when you STEAL it‼️

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