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prepared by William Newton

Must be printed on 8.5 X 14 {legal size paper}

Affidavit has to be notarized and sent Certified Mail/Return Receipt.

MARYLAND CONSTITUTION - DECLARATION OF RIGHTS "We, the People of the State of Maryland, grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberty, and taking into our serious consideration the best means of establishing a good Constitution in this State for the sure foundation and more permanent security thereof, declare:

ARTICLE 1. That all government of right originates from the People, is founded in compact only, and instituted solely for the good of the whole, and they have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their Form of Government in such manner as they many deem expedient."

_________________________________{cut here}_______________________________________


Name: ____________________________________

Address: __________________________________








Now comes Affiant ,________________________________ one of "the people" (as noted in Article 1 of the Constitution of Maryland) Sui juris, do make the following claims:

Article 1 of the Constitution of Maryland states "That all Government of right originates from the People" and with that "right" [they] "have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their Form of Government in such manner as they deem expedient."

In line with that overarching theme, the Constitution of Maryland grants every elector qualified to vote in Maryland. as a citizen of the United States, who has attained the lawful requirements, to demand a FULL (not partial) FORENSIC AUDIT of the statewide election of 2020, by right, and in a matter that is self-executing.

This is a notice and demand for the FULL forensic audit process to be started and completed without delay by an independent firm following those guidelines established by the Maricopa County, Arizona audit of 2021.

Articles 4, 7, 10, 12, 13 each separately and together address "the right of the People" the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal government, to participate in the Legislature being "the best security of liberty", for the purpose of "free and frequent" elections and the "right of suffrage"; "freedom of speech" and debate; "redress of grievances" AND "That every man hath the right to petition the Legislature for redress of grievances in a peaceable and orderly manner".

Article 19 guarantees "That every man, for any injury done to him in his person or property, ought to have a remedy by the course of the Law of the Land, and ought to have justice and right, freely without sale, fully without any denial, and speedily without delay......".

THEREFORE, by those powers declared to the people in the above constitutional provisions, I, Affiant, demand, require and order a complete forensic audit of the 2020 statewide election results along with all votes, machines, routers and software. As noted all rights set forth in the above sections are self-executing, and since you are being given notice that this forensic audit is demanded, start the audit process and please respond to me at the given address with all information on the results.

Any attempt to trample the rights retained by "the people" of the State of Maryland after this notice will be considered a trespass by you with full knowledge and intent.

Any man or women who denies these claims are true must rebut them under the penalty of perjury in the form of a sworn affidavit.

Any man or woman who engages in the suppression of this affidavit agrees to pay $30,000 and any disputes by any public official (or private actor) who are bound by oath or contract to the Maryland Constitution agrees to have these matters heard before an Arbitrator of my choice and to be bound thereby.

Any man or woman denying these claims are true must rebut each claim point by point within (3) days (72 hours). Failure to respond means that by acquiescence you agree that all claims are true.


I HEREBY declare, certify and state, pursuant to the penalties of perjury under the Laws of the United States of America, and by provisions of 28 USC 1746 that all of the foregoing representations are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

Execute in ____________________________ Maryland on ______________________2021,

(Print name) __________________________________

(Signature) ___________________________________



COUNTY OF ___________________________

On ___________________________2021, before me, a Notary Public in and for the County appeared ____________________________, who being by me duly sworn, signed the document and acknowledged signature to be his/her free act and deed.


Notary Public

_________________________County, Maryland

My Commission Expires __________________________

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2 comentários

26 de set. de 2021

Where does this get sent after it is notarized?

26 de set. de 2021
Respondendo a

To your "representatives"......the Governor, Attorney them all or take your pick. Make sure you preserve a copy of your notarized pages and Certified Mail proof (for your records) and then be kind enough to email that "proof" to us so we can follow up by taking actionable steps. THANK YOU for responding and demanding truth and integrity in Elections.

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