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KEYWORD: POLLBOOKS or whatever "floats your vote".

Updated: Apr 10

......from my social media column


Sunday, April 02, 2023👈🏼

Edition #68


“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot.


Today we discuss POLLBOOKS...I guess it was too hard to hide that fake voter roll software in those old ones. So we'll be getting new one$.

👉🏽I have a pretty good memory.

How's yours🙈🙉🙊❓

ON FEBRUARY 6, 2020...Over 3 years ago, I wrote about the "POLLBOOKS" and the "NETWORK"....📡🖥️

The story then was about the catastrophic meltdown during the 2020 screwed up "special" election to fill the US House be seat occupied by Elijah Cummings, due to his death. So of course, the Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE) decided to "test" a new system. 😏

IT CRASHED....and wouldn't you know it, their "fix" was to:

👉🏽SHUTDOWN any ability to verify a registered voter or to know if they had already CAST A BALLOT‼️

It's my belief that the CRASH was intentional...or at least expected. #NewtonSaidIt keyword: Pollbooks

AT THE TIME, the story was reported like this:

"The network designed to transmit Maryland voter data to state officials during elections had to be shut down during the 7th Congressional District primary because it was causing significant delays at polling sites, the Maryland State Board of Elections said Wednesday.

State officials were using the NETWORK FOR THE FIRST TIME on an election day during a special primary in the district, which includes parts of Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County.

Now, they’re conducting a review to determine what caused the system to slow down and what needs to be "fixed" so similar problems don’t arise during the Regular screwed up April 28 primary, when turnout is expected to be substantially higher.

“We need to figure out what the cause of what happened yesterday was, and then fix it,” said Nikki Charlson, the board’s deputy administrator." SMDH repeatedly🤪

♦️Remember the SBE has the procedural & legal responsibility to TEST & CERTIFY THAT ALL EQUIPMENT IS WORKING PROPERLY ((BEFORE)) every election. So one might wonder what such a test entails....shouldn't it require more that seeing if the little ON light goes "blinky blinky"❓


"The problem involved POLLBOOKS, the tablet-like computer terminals that election staff use to pull up voters’ registration information."

You know - "the thing".

(AND THEY CLAIMED): "The issue did not prevent anyone from voting, nor did it create other problems, officials said." ♦️(OTHER THAN THE ABILITY TO IDENTIFY VOTERS BECAUSE EVERYBODY GETS TO VOTE NO MATTER WHAT - NO BIGGIE)❗🥸

WHAT FOLLOWED: Polling officials physically removed the pollbook databases AFTER THE POLLS CLOSED at 8 p.m. AND DROVE THEM to their local boards of election for UPLOADING TO THE STATE NETWORK. ♦️(Certainly NO security concerns in that riddled statement. If you're in doubt I have a USB in Arizona I will sell you). 😉 {emphasis added}

MAYBE YOU RECALL: There were serious problems and technological failures a couple days earlier in Iowa's DEMOCRAT caucuses that ignited skepticism from some Maryland Democrat Party officials, who articulated the need to "NOT CONNECT THE POLLBOOKS to the State database".

Their stated concern was the potential to disrupt voting, particularly in the state’s most heavily populated, and largely DEMOCRAT jurisdictions.

WELL HELL'S BELLS....of course❗

THE NARRATIVE that followed:

State Sen. CHERYL KAGAN, a Montgomery County Democrat, submitted emergency legislation to REMOVE a requirement elections officials cited as the impetus for any need to verify in real-time voter's registration (via SBE database).

♦️WHAT SHE BLATHERED about sounded like a COMPLETE CONTRADICTION using of course ALL the right (or I should say, LEFT) gobbledegook buzzwords.

“This is unneeded, it is unwise, and it decreases rather than increases the security and safety of our election process,” she said. 🤡

AND ON QUE: “It’s exactly what was predicted would happen, and is unfortunately not surprising — especially given what just happened in Iowa,” Garcia said a member of the DEMOCRAT Party Central Committee. “This shines an important spotlight on the caution that should be exercised when introducing technology into the voting process.”

♦️Why is it a problem ONLY when THEY say it❓ Anytime a Republican demands we return to 'paper & hand counts', all we ever hear is a bunch of racist sh*t and claims of voter suppression❗

As an added reminder in Iowa, Democratic Party officials said a “coding issue” with a new app created to compile and report RESULTS delayed the presidential primary count there. REALLY ❓

"CODING ISSUES" - Not that anyone EVER suggested PROGRAMMING wasn't a problem before......

SO IN SUMMARY - I predicted on the record over two years ago that POLLBOOKS will be the next "choke point" to commit Election Fraud and with the ability to surreptitiously program and delete data without anyone EVER knowing or having the ability to audit is where we are headed.... especially if CHERYL KAGAN is pushing the buttons. (And watch what happens next to the public's access through the Maryland Public Information Act - PIA request program). 😉

submitted by


Research Investigator

with MD20-20Watch

✅Maryland's only real Election Integrity group.

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