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It's 8:30 AM Saturday May 20, 2023

from William Newton.

I'm thankful a friend of mine just brought this to my attention this morning....and that friends are always helpful like that....

Good to know somebody else has "discovered" some of the things we've already made public a couple of YEARS AGO.

May 2021‼️

I've been writing and publishing about the problems with ES&S since they replaced Diebold..... I was the first to publish the actual contracts 3 YEARS AGO as part of my proprietary investigations (that nobody had copies of)‼️

....and further I have pointed out that even the company that certifies them, ITSELF WAS NOT CERTIFIED TO CERTIFY FEDERAL ELECTIONS. (Sounding a bit repetitive here).

So the "story" THIS MORNING is already known. IT'S ON THE RECORD BY MARYLAND 20-20 WATCH.....but I applaud their detail here.

If only the "lazy fake media" would do their due diligence in the first place - They might have "discovered" that morning's "breaking news" WAS ALREADY PUBLISHED for years across a broad platform that we've called "the Internet". 🤣 (And in fact, our published research has taken the form of demands already presented TO THE MARYLAND LEGISLATURE - ON THE RECORD).

Just look at these "click bait" headlines though:

"Maryland Election technology may not be certified REQUIRING IMMEDIATE DECERTIFICATION..."🤔

.....So if it's NOT "certified" then why would it require "decertification"..... {Journalists}‼️

#NewtonSaidIt first. ON THE RECORD...📜

HERE'S THE TAIL END of a part of the long-term research I've published (from 2020) about the corrupt "certification" process related to Maryland.

AND NOW THIS MORNING'S NEWS...and the subject of this blog entry.

KEEP IN MIND that .....

It's right where it's always been.


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