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OK here's my idea and it's simple.

from William Newton

*(I first published this in 2016). Yet still the brainiacs around the country just can't seem to figure out this simple "beta" security measure....


*Election boards must provide every eligible citizen who properly registers with a voter card upon application (as they already do), mailed to their registered home address.....and a voter must present their valid card to vote!

*All ballots should be sequentially numbered and accounted for (whether cast, voided or unused) like raffle tickets that are assigned to a salesperson..... But in this case 'signed for' by the Chief Election judge at the polling locations.

*The new voter card must be renewed every 4 years (kinda like a driver's license) but for free, of course...if you fail to re-register noting any changes it's on you and you cannot vote in any election in which it is not valid.

*Upon presentment of the card to vote the election judge will "hole punch" the card in a box indicating the year it is being used to cast a the named person on the card (or anyone else) CANNOT present that card and vote more than once in that election cycle.

* Once a person's voter card has had all the boxes appropriately "punched" the card is no longer valid and must be reapplied for....before the next election cycle that person wishes to participate in.

-this forces the voter to always keep their card and address current and properly updated and prevents anyone from casting more than one vote in any election.

This is a simple step that goes a long way to keep the process honest.....

It makes voters responsible for preserving their right to vote...

It requires the accounting to be established at the onset by the location Chief judge....and tracking.

It makes the voter card that is already issued the point of validation and identification....and it has a "shelf life"!

Then if there is an accounting problem it can be traced to where the breakdown occured. you all can shoot holes in my idea and come up with all kinds of reasons for NOT doing it, can simply scroll on by, STHU come up with a better way, least I am suggesting something!

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