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Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I have written in the past about George Washington in 1758, during his run for Virginia’s House of Burgesses, ponied up 160 gallons of booze to secure 391 votes; "winning" his election by using bribes of rum. In early Virginia it was termed, “swilling the planters with bumbo” (bumbo was rum punch).

I have shown evidence that Lincoln "won" his race after problems associated with "absentee ballots". These are historically proven facts.

Our history is packed with proven election fraud, locally and widespread.... Maryland Governor Moore is just a "FRAUD DENIER" despite ALL the proven evidence, just like his criminal predecessor.

Then there is this April 2023 news story just out about Lyndon Johnson "winning".

✅"Mangan said in a 2008 AP story that as he worked to convince Salas to go on the record, he told him: “If you die, history will never know what happened.”

✅Lawrence said much is now known about Box 13, thanks to both Mangan's 1977 story and research done later by LBJ biographer Robert Caro, who “essentially reaffirmed” Mangan's story and built on it.

✅“The kinds of irregularities we can see were at work in the 1948 Senate race in Texas were, I think it’s fair to say, pretty widespread across American history and all regions of the country to one extent or another but certainly in the South and along the Mexican borderlands, as recently as the 1940s,” Lawrence said.

✅Salas told Mangan that the powerful South Texas political boss George B. Parr — who wielded control with favors and coercion — ordered that some 200 votes be added to Box 13. Salas said he then watched as the fraudulent votes were added in alphabetical order, with the names coming from people who hadn’t voted in the election.

♦️Kinda like what we've already made the case for in Maryland by exploiting the "inactive voter" database maintained by the State Board of Elections.....😉

✅The new votes gave Lyndon Johnson (D) the primary victory over then-Gov. Coke Stevenson (D) by an 87-vote margin. Johnson — subsequently bestowed with the nickname “Landslide Lyndon” — went on to easily defeat the Republican in the general election, long before the GOP became the dominant force in Texas politics.

✅Johnson, elected to the U.S. House in 1937, had run for U.S. Senate in 1941 and lost to then-Gov. Wilbert Lee “Pappy Pass the Biscuits” O'Daniel (D) in an election widely accepted by historians to have been corrupt, Lawrence said.

✅“The standard story that gets told, and I think there’s an awful lot to it, is that when LBJ’s second chance comes along in 1948, he’s determined not to have the election stolen from him again," Lawrence said.

✅Lawrence said the 1948 Senate victory “catapults" Johnson to national attention. Johnson became then-President John F. Kennedy's vice president and was sworn in as president Nov. 22, 1963, after Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Johnson was elected president in 1964.....and like all of it, THE REST IS HISTORY. (Something most people are ignorant about).



William Newton

Maryland 20-20 Watch

Election Integrity Expert &

Research Investigator

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