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This short video talks about the 2016 Congressional District 7 Republican Primary race (which covered Baltimore City AND two neighboring Counties) but remember the entire Baltimore City portion of that election cycle including the Democrat side of the ballot was DECERTIFIED....

✳️(Narrated by John O'Malley, a former Maryland elected official and retired Pentagon analyst).

After the local Board of Elections improperly CERTIFIED the election results, the State Board of Elections under pressure from candidates, voters and the media, DECERTIFIED those results due to the epic failure by the city to conduct a legitimate trustworthy election without controversy or to reconcile the mishandling of ballots, chain of custody concerns, judges not showing up after being paid or walking off the job leaving polling locations unattended and wide open and other illegal activities later determined to be associated with incompetence and with plenty of evidence of actual fraud under the control internal election personnel.

♦️(Nobody was ever held fact, most were REHIRED for future election cycles).

♦️Many "irregularities" (their word) were uncovered in the ballot counts and ballots turning up all over the place well after the election was over‼️

♦️The video refers to Republican William Newton's race and his State lawsuit challenging the results but there was also a Federal case filed with Newton as a Plaintiff, joined by other candidates and voters representing Democrats, Independents and third party interests who all came together due to the enormity of the problems uncovered. The Federal case was DISMISSED on procedural grounds fabricated by the politically compromised Judiciary and NEVER addressed the actual merits (evidence).


♦️ Subsequently, a State lawsuit was filed by William Newton, a Republican challenging the results.

♦️The Federal lawsuit was DISMISSD by the compromised Judiciary claiming procedural defects by the attorney; without the merits (evidence) ever being reviewed.

♦️The State case dragged on for over a year orchestrated by the Attorney General's office until the judge dismissed it claiming the lawsuit was "moot"; again without any review of the merits (evidence presented).

👉🏼What followed was the formation of a first in the State committee to study election integrity, the Maryland Republican Election Integrity Committee, chaired by William Newton with Charlene Cowen that investigated the conduct of the 2016 election and the previous 10 years.

After nearly a year conducting public input meetings and accepting voter testimony from all over the region and collating media coverage, reviewing election data and independent audits and research, in October 2017, the "committee" published it's fact-based bipartisan MDREIC REPORT with it's Findings and Recommendations.

The report was printed, bound, footnoted and presented to the Political parties, members of the Maryland Legislature, and Executive Branch and media platforms. (It was also made available online and distributed to Federal law enforcement and the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity).

Shortly thereafter, Newton joined Lewis Porter and Maryland 20-20 Watch, the State's premier Election Integrity group, as a seasoned researcher and investigator and expert on election laws and process.....

Today, the Maryland 20-20 Watch team continues to educate the public and counseling to grassroots organizations around the country and provides research and expert testimony whenever requested.

✅THERE HAVE BEEN A NUMBER OF OTHER STATE & FEDERAL LAWSUITS where Maryland 20-20 Watch had either been a party of or provided evidence for. A few are listed on this webpage (more coming as soon as they can be concluded and uploaded).

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